Retrieve Sam's files, fast.

Do you know where all Sam's files are? Once Retrievr has tagged them, a single search can find them wherever they are inside your Microsoft 365 environment.

The problem

Most organisations using Microsoft 365 store client or other entity files in SharePoint document libraries or OneDrive folders.

But what happens when files leave their original locations, travel around inside and outside the organisation before returning to a different folder, or get separated into multiple locations somewhere along the way?

With content scattered throughout a vast structure, it's really hard to confidently say "Here are all Sam's files".

The solution

Retrievr tags all files belonging to an individual, company or other entity with an encrypted label.

Each file's label sticks to it, regardless of where the file travels, even if it leaves the organisation and returns again.

When you need them, Retrievr shows you a complete list of an entity's files, wherever they are in your environment. It even enables you to download them into a secure dossier.

The Retrievr bot finds all Sam's files, wherever they are, with a single search.

Scenarios solved

Data Subject Requests

Jane exercises her right to request that you list all the personal information you have of her.

Misplaced contracts

Contracts are accidentally moved to the wrong library or team site and disappear off the radar.

Forgotten Proposals

After initial creation, proposals are saved in a work-in-progress SharePoint folder and then forgotten.

Information purging

Regulations require deleting the personal information of ex-clients, with an audit trail to prove that it was done.

Record corrections

Incorrect information needs to be updated in all documents belonging to supplier Z.

Missing supporting docs

Supporting documents like IDs are moved around during processing and end up in someone's individual OneDrive instead of their intended location.

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